Hog, Dogs And A Rifle

Hog, Dogs And A Rifle - Kim Swan

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A collection of pig-hunting stories from veteran Kiwi hunter/hunting author Kim Swan.  Each short chapter recounts an engaging pig-hunting tale full of action, humour, triumphs and disappointments.

Hunter, adventurer and general outdoor enthusiast Kim Swan has been entertaining Kiwis for decades with her hunting escapades.  In this, her tenth, book, Kim Swan retells her favourite pig-hunting stories from recent years, from the hilarious to the hair-raising and even the heartbreaking.  There aren’t many around who can spin a yarn like Kim, she provides a rare insight into the hunting and adventuring that goes on in the back blocks of Marlborough, New Zealand.  Come along for the ride and meet Kim, her loyal canines, her battered old rifle Remington and her beloved (and long suffering) husband Poss.

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