High Country Peonies - Lemon Chiffon eco soy candle

High Country Peonies - Lemon Chiffon eco soy candle

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Imagine being cosy by the fireplace surrounded by the majestic Southern Alps. We capture this experience into our candles so you could have a piece of the countryside in your home.

This soy wax candle is hand-made with Lemon Chiffon petals and infused with an invigorating citrus aroma that will uplift any space. Additionally, it is the perfect way to treat yourself or an ideal gift option.


High country Peonies’ can be found set against the beautiful backdrop of the Torlesse Mountain range on the South Island of New Zealand.
In the old coaching days, this part of the range was a land-mark known as “the sleeping lady”.  Seen from the flat, the rock gaps appearing on the outline of the ranges showed defined features of a recumbent human figure. This sleeping lady now has an abundance of beautiful peony flowers growing in her shadow.
Stuart & Francine Murray tend to the flowers and find a real delight in growing these exquisite blooms. Available for the people’s pleasure, each flower can produce a smile and is an absolute gift of love.
High Country Peonies are hand cared for, and every small detail is nurtured. Founded in 2014 with root-stock from Holland and after 4 years of tender loving care combined with the pure New Zealand air and abundant sunshine, the crop of flowers are now ready to be picked and sent to recipients around the world.

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