Hideaway - Nora Roberts

Hideaway - Nora Roberts

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Emma says.....
"This is the first Nora Roberts book I have read which is actually quite surprising given what a prolific writer she is.  And I'll be on the lookout for her new books in years to come I enjoyed this one so much.
It grabbed me from the first page and the first 80 odd pages were so action packed I wondered how they'd fill out the rest of the book!  But they did and they did it well.  A few twists and turns, a few surprises but also a book that shows the love and support a family can give on another.  A really lovely and well rounded out ending that will make you feel good about the characters."
One day, she thought, one moment, one innocent game. How was it that day, that moment, that game never seemed to end?

Caitlyn Sullivan is just nine years old when a game of hide and seek at a family party will change her life forever.

The betrayal she experienced that night will shape Caitlyn's life - and for years she runs and runs, hiding from the aftermath of the trauma. But Caitlyn comes to realise that if she wants to not just survive but thrive, she must return to the family home to face up to her past.

What happened that night may always haunt Caitlyn but she must decide if it's what you're running from that matters. Or who finds you.

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