Have You Seen Tomorrow? - Kyle Mewburn

Have You Seen Tomorrow? - Kyle Mewburn

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If only Rabbit could see all the wonderful things right under his nose today, instead of always looking forward to tomorrow! This very special picture book, a contemporary fable about practising gratitude, mindfulness and living in the present, is from the acclaimed Kyle Mewburn.

A beautiful contemporary fable from the acclaimed Kyle Mewburn about gratitude, mindfulness and living in the present.

“What are you looking for?” asked Wolf.
“I’m looking for tomorrow,” Rabbit sighed.
“But I’ve looked everywhere,
and it’s nowhere to be found.”

Will Rabbit’s friends help him to see what is wonderful about today, before it’s too late?

By the award-winning author of Old Hu-Hu and with gorgeous, dreamy illustrations by the talented Laura Bee, Have You Seen Tomorrow provides young readers with a deft exploration of the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow, a satisfying ending and much food for thought. A story to be read and reread.


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