Handmade Clay Jewelry - Meghan Allen

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Everything You Need to Know to Make Modern Polymer Clay Jewelry

Meghan Allen, creator of Clay + Bloom, has spent years honing the art of polymer clay jewelry―and now she shares all of her expert advice with you.  Full of tips, tricks and stunning step-by-step projects, this comprehensive guide will arm you with all the knowledge you need to create trendy, stylish pieces that you can wear with pride.

Meghan helps you get started the right way by teaching you how to select the best-quality tools and materials, condition your clay, cure your designed pieces and assemble finished jewelry.  Once you master those foundational skills, you can delve into specialized techniques, such as mixing gorgeous custom colors, adding texture, marbling multiple colors of clay together and more, to make your designs stand out in a crowd.  All of your newfound knowledge comes together to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces like Speckled Terra-Cotta Arch Earrings, Midnight Glitter Ring, Hammered Brass Earrings, Rainbow Necklace, Retro Checkered Flower Studs and more!

Whether you are looking to bolster your own jewelry collection, create standout gifts for friends and family or build a business selling your own creative accessories, Meghan’s fun and approachable projects will set you up for success.

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