Handmade Animal Dolls - Melissa Lowry

Handmade Animal Dolls - Melissa Lowry

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This unique craft book teaches readers how to sew animal dolls with contemporary style. Artist and pattern-designer Melissa Lowry was inspired to create these plush characters when searching for safe kids’ toys that fit her modern style. As a result, each doll is designed with both playtime and design trends in mind. The doll’s friendly features are made with easy-to-learn needle felting techniques, which means soft, cuddly toys, without any sharp plastic components. Experienced sewers will love the up-to-date aesthetic of the patterns and beginners will find the minimal, clean lines as approachable as they are appealing. These dolls are the perfect handmade touch for a chic nursery, and make a special gift for any fashionable new mom.

Choose from a wide variety of whimsical animal characters, including a whale, a cat, a seahorse, a fox and even a unicorn, all featuring Melissa’s fresh, creative touches. The projects are easy to personalize with quick patterns for dresses, suspenders and hats in a trendy mix-and-match color palette. Each animal comes to life with its own narrative backstory and personality traits, so kids can imagine and play. Friendly, step-by-step instructions make it easy to create these modern family keepsakes, built to be played with, crafted to last.

This book will contain 20 projects with a photo for each, plus comprehensive step-by-step images and traceable sewing templates.

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