Good From Scratch Kids Cookbook - Michael Van De Elzen

Good From Scratch Kids Cookbook - Michael Van De Elzen

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 TV popular chef and restauranteur, Michael Van De Elzen needs no introduction after a variety of adult cookbooks. Now he has been inspired by his new family home and rural life to create his new brand ‘Good from Scratch’.

The philosophy behind this is to educate kids about where their food comes from and he says “there’s nothing better than a meal where you know what the ingredients are because you’ve made it yourself.” He wants kids to have a healthy diet but also to experience different tastes, smells and textures when they are trying new foods. “healthy options don’t have to be bland or boring!” There are recipes with guides for age appropriate tasks, safety guidelines and good food practice.

For ease of use, it’s divided into meals including kick-starter breakfasts, lunchbox staples, after school snacks, when the kids are on dinner, sweets, party food and treats. 

Hardback 100 pages

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