Gino’s Italian Family Adventure - Gino D'Acampo

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TAKE A SEAT AT GINO'S FAMILY TABLE: with every recipe from his hit ITV series

Italian families know that food is where the heart is.  In his new book, Gino shares over 80 tried and tested recipes that work for busy families, ranging from quick weeknight one-pot meals to comforting roasts to decadent desserts – and even the dinners to make when the kids are out!

You'll be amazed what you can do with cheap ingredients you can find anywhere. Try his:

· HEARTY MUSHROOM PENNE with smoked pancetta and rosemary
· BRAISED LAMB SHANKS in honey and red wine sauce
· MACARONI QUATTRO FORMAGGI with fried breadcrumbs and sneaky veg
· SPICY AUBERGINE BAKE with mozzarella and pecorino cheese
· IRISH CREAM PANNA COTTA with chocolate coffee beans
· ITALIAN BUCK'S FIZZ with prosecco and Cointreau

Whether you've got hours or minutes to cook, whether your family wants adventurous new tastes or old familiar classics, Gino has the perfect recipe for you.

Including the chapters Quick, One-Pot, Lighter, Sunday Specials, Kids Are Out and Desserts, this book will bring a ray of Italian sunshine into your family dinners.

Buon appetito!



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