Geneva - Richard Armitage

Geneva - Richard Armitage

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A spectacular destination thriller with heart, Richard Armitage's debut is 'atmospheric, icily tense ' - Telegraph

'An outstanding debut - ingenious, fast-paced and unpredictable.' HARLAN COBEN
'An atmospheric, icily tense thriller.' Telegraph'
Geneva is one of the best thrillers I've ever read. And I've read quite a few.' A. J. FINN
Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sarah Collier has started to show the same tell-tale signs of Alzheimer's disease as her father: memory loss, even blackouts.  So she is reluctant to accept the invitation to be the guest of honour at a prestigious biotech conference - until her husband Daniel, a neuroscientist, persuades her that the publicity storm will be worth it.
The technology being unveiled at this conference could revolutionise medicine forever. More than that, it could save Sarah's life.
In Geneva, the couple are feted as stars - at least, Sarah is. But behind the five-star luxury, investors are circling, controversial blogger Terri Landau is all over the story, and Sarah's symptoms are getting worse. As events begin to spiral out of control, Sarah can't be sure who to trust - including herself.


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