Finding Gratitude : Simple Ideas That Can Change Your Life - Rebekah Lipp

Finding Gratitude : Simple Ideas That Can Change Your Life - Rebekah Lipp

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A visually stunning book filled with approximately 80 different ways to find gratitude in everyday life. Each spread features a beautiful full-color image, mirrored by the subject and reach of gratitude on the opposite page.

Finding Gratitude introduces the concept of gratitude and the power of positive thinking in everyday life with simple reminders, beautiful photography, and easy-to-digest research on the topic.

Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation or thanks, a concept that has been strongly associated with greater happiness and believed by many in the wellness industry to improve overall health. Join the growing number of people who are improving their health and outlook on life with appreciative thoughts.

The powerful women behind this book, Bex Lippa and Nicky Perry, are part of AwesoME Inc, an organization that inspires their audience to use gratitude and positive thinking for mental and physical wellness. This timeless book contains short reminders that happiness can be found in the simplest things. Beautifully designed pages are accompanied by simple explanations that communicate the many reasons we can have to find gratitude each day.

Finding Gratitude will help you improve your life - or the life of a family, friend, or co-worker - through conscious changes and environmental awareness. Soon, you will see more, enjoy more, and appreciate more.


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