Everything I Have - Tammy Robinson

Everything I Have - Tammy Robinson

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A heartfelt contemporary romance that immerses you in a heartfelt exploration of grief, healing and the enchanting magic of second chances.  Perfect for fans of JoJo Moyes and Jill Mansell.


A decade apart, one summer to fix the past. Can they find their way back to each other?

The last person Ellie ever expects to see back in Seclusion Bay is Sam. Widowed and clouded by grief, the moment he walks into her cafe, he makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with anyone...especially her.

So, when she sees him tie a letter to a tree at the end of the bay, Ellie is intrigued.

Desperate to help him navigate his grief, she puts pen to paper, and an exchange of anonymous letters begins. As they start to reconnect on and off the page, Ellie dares to hope that they both might get a second chance at happiness.

The only problem is, Sam still has no idea that the heartfelt letters are coming from her.

And as things between them start to heat up, and the line between friendship and love starts to blur, Ellie must find the courage to tell Sam the truth or risk losing him forever.



Why readers love Tammy Robinson:

'Heart warming and heart breaking - you will need tissues!' Hello!

'Heart-wrenchingly romantic, this book will leave you wanting to hold your loved ones just that little bit closer' Emma Cooper, author of The First Time I Saw You

'A deeply emotional story that will remind you that life is a gift, and it's never too late for love' Kelly Rimmer, author of Me Without You

'Robinson is a storyteller in the Jojo Moyes vein' Coast FM

'Tammy Robinson is a natural storyteller' Nicky Pellegrino



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