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Why is this #9.5 and not #10?

Because I decided to try something a wee bit different and reveal just a tiny part of the cover!

Do you trust Emma to choose this book for you??

Read her description on the image - doesn't it sound great???

So, how was this book? A really enjoyable read with (mostly) wonderful characters at the beginning and totally wonderful characters at the end!

Friendship, good deeds, looking out for one another and a story that just leaves you feeling really good about people. Will you try this new one?



Further feedback on our Mystery Books (this time about #7) from our customers:

“I recommend you take a risk and buy this book at 'Emma’s In Oxford’  when you have opened it don’t let the title put you off.    It’s an intriguing tale that pulled my emotions from one polarity to the other.   It provided me with a good opportunity to examine my own history and future and to contemplate some of my decisions which I realise in hindsight I would never have made.  From this story I came to a point where I decided “Take full responsibility for your own decisions and don’t look back”

 You never know who you will meet around the corner.

 4 stars our of 5.”    Noeleen-Oxford 


"I've just finished Mystery Book #7.  I really enjoyed it!! (followed by 2 big smiling emoji's"   Denise-Oxford

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