EMMA'S MYSTERY BOOK # 4 The Girl He Used to Know

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Released April 2019

Do you trust Emma to choose this book for you??  Our Mystery books are certainly proving popular amongst our customers who are loving this unique way of choosing books.

Read Emma's description on the image, doesn't it sound great?

Feedback on our first three mystery book's was great so have decided to offer a fourth book...

Early feedback from this title: 

Thank you for another great mystery book. I wanted to finish it in a day but had to put it down. I just finished reading it now.

It was so good! I really related to this book and the character. The challenges that are faced by people that are different to 'fit in' with the world.

Such a lovely story and i loved that despite the adversity she never gave up.

Thanks again for a sending out a mystery book at a time when i needed to escape in a good book the most." - Anna


Feedback from a customer on the third mystery book....

"Read it in a day! Great choice! Great read. Thank you!"Jo.


Received this feedback from another customer with the first mystery book ;

Dear Emma,

"Thanks for the great mystery book I loved every page. It was a book that I struggled to put down, which was perfect for a lazy wet weekend on the couch !!

Thanks heaps !! "