Easy Keto Dinners - Pete Evans

Easy Keto Dinners - Pete Evans

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Easy Keto Dinners makes it simple to follow a ketogenic diet, with 60+ quick and easy keto dinners for every night of the week.

With an easy-to-understand explanation of how and why to go keto and more than 60 family-friendly recipes, it has never been easier to go keto. Whether you are just starting out on a ketogenic diet or looking to add more delicious keto dinners to your menu, you will love these super simple recipes that taste amazing and will help you reap the many benefits of ketosis.

Recipes include:
* The ultimate keto bolognese
* Pork and bacon burger patties
* Meatzza (pizza with a meat base)
* Chicken kiev
* Lamb backstrap with gremolata
* Mexican chicken with roasted pumpkin and guac
* Wild salmon curry
* Southern fried chicken
* Pulled pork lettuce tacos
and many more.






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