DK The Moon - Sanyln Buxner

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An exciting reference book for children aged 7-9 that covers every aspect of the Moon

This incredible guide to the Moon takes 7 to 9 year olds through its past, present, and future through amazing photographs, illustrations, and fascinating information.

The perfect introduction for young readers who want to learn about Earth's closest neighbour, The Moon covers the entire subject in thrilling detail. Featuring breakdowns of the Moon's formation and geography, the lunar phases, a history of NASA's Apollo missions, the Moon's effect on Earth's tides and nocturnal animals, its place in our mythology, recent scientific discoveries, and so much more. Packed with eye-popping facts and photography, this is the perfect book for space lovers everywhere.

Boasting up-to-date images from space agencies such as NASA and ESA, combined with bold illustrations, info panels, timelines, and diagrams that help demystify and explain the wonder of the Moon, this is the perfect book for young readers.




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