DK Outdoor Activity Lab - Robert Winston

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This fun, fact-filled book is brimming with exciting outdoor experiments to help budding boffins explore the science in their own surroundings. Using household items, construct a water rocket and blast it skywards to learn about air pressure, or blow giant, long-lasting bubbles to reveal how surface tension works. Make a wormery and observe worms tunnelling, then build a diamond kite and discover the key to aerodynamics.

Great photography, succinct step-by-step instructions, and rigorous attention to detail will make young scientists excited from the get-go. With a foreword by Robert Winston, the book gives a clear How it works explanation for each project, revealing the fascinating science behind it, along with real-world examples that show everyday science in action.

With 25 amazing projects to inspire young scientists and outdoor enthusiasts, Outdoor Activity Lab takes readers out of the house on a journey to better understand their world - and beyond. It is a must-have for every young scientist who is curious about their surroundings.



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