Distant Snow

Distant Snow

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By Mike Glover

Mike Glover has his home and studio near Springston, south of Christchurch, which he shares with his partner, daughter and their ‘failed’ sheepdog. His style is stripped back, rhythmic, colourful and often playful. He creates vivid and powerful images of land, sky and water which sometimes include faces and bodies amongst the hills.

Environmental issues interest him and the landscape of Aotearoa inspires him. As he describes it: “Looking across at a spectacular sunset or vista of tumbled mountains is food for the soul. There is a sense of awe, of peace and of harmony with nature and it is these feelings that I am trying to convey in my artwork. It is also important for me to convey a sense of concern for our environment and the legacy we hand on to our children.” 


Print 17.5cm x 12.5cm plain wood box frame

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