Dirty Laundry - Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery

Dirty Laundry - Richard Pink & Roxanne Emery

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Why Adults with ADHD Are So Ashamed and What We Can Do to Help - THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

From the viral TikTok duo, @ADHD_Love comes a tried-and-tested, no-guilt and no-shame guide to self-love and navigating relationships with ADHD

If you have ADHD - or love somebody who does - DIRTY LAUNDRY will change your life, and your relationships. Do you feel crippling shame because you struggle with cleaning, personal hygiene, or time-keeping? Do you always feel misunderstood by the people close to you and find that they get frustrated by your behaviour?

Dirty Laundry is an unfiltered look into the chaos of real life with ADHD. It will transform your self-hatred into self-acceptance, with simple tips that actually work for your brain. It will also help to educate partners, parents and friends, to help them move from frustration to patience, understanding - and love.

Learn how to:
- Stop believing you are fundamentally broken, - Stop judging yourself by the standards of a neurotypical world, - Communicate your struggles to those who love you, - Support someone with ADHD in ways that work for them, - Be compassionate rather than judgemental, - And much more.

This fearless, often outrageously funny, account of life, learning, and growing with ADHD reveals the strategies Rich and Rox use to reduce shame, improve communication, and find happiness in their neurodivergent household. Filled with heartbreak and humour in equal measure, Dirty Laundry is an invaluable resource both for neurodivergents and the people who love them.


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