Dinosaur Hunter (Ultimate Expeditions)

Dinosaur Hunter (Ultimate Expeditions)

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Go on an incredible paleontological exploration of North America’s colossal fossils with this ultimate field guide including ready-to-assemble models of eight dinosaurs!

Though dinosaurs are long extinct, their bones can be used to piece together the puzzle of their past. Fossil hunter Jackson Foster has just returned from a three-month expedition uncovering the remains of dinosaurs that roamed across North America millions of years ago, and he has a fascinating tale to tell. From the massive and toothy Tyrannosaurus Rex to the speedy Coelophysis that travelled in packs, Ultimate Expeditions: Dinosaur Hunter brings to life eight incredible creatures, with illustrations, maps, fossil finds, and facts about when, where, and how they lived.

Accompany Foster on his thrilling adventures, and take a trip beyond the page and back to a time when animals were larger than elephants, some weighing more than 88,000 pounds! Follow the assembly instructions to create your own fierce 3-D models of each dinosaur.

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