Decorating with Plants - Satoshi Kawamoto

Decorating with Plants - Satoshi Kawamoto

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A delightful guide to decorating your living space with a wide variety of plants, bringing beautiful greenery into your life.

Satoshi Kawamoto is a popular garden stylist who owns several stores in fashionable areas of Tokyo and New York, and is set to open more in Los Angeles and London. In this charming book, he explains how to enhance your living space through the display of plants. Using his own house as a studio, he guides the reader around each room in the home, demonstrating how to incorporate a variety of plant life seamlessly indoors.

Making use of indoor plants, dried and preserved flowers, succulents, artificial flowers and driftwood, he presents many different ways of styling for people who do not have much space and who lack the green-fingered expertise required to grow their own plants. The examples, illustrated with beautiful colour photography throughout, enable readers to easily transform every corner of their interior space, and also cover occasional decorations, such as those for dinner parties, informal gatherings at home and shop displays.