Dead Men - J. C. Harvey

Dead Men - J. C. Harvey

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The Dead Men - the sequel to The Silver Wolf - picks up Jack Fiskardo's story as he returns to Germany in 1630 with the invading Swedish army. Friends and enemies, old and new, await him - but so does the relentless fulfilment of Jack's own destiny, and with it, an almost impossible choice.

Summer 1630. The Swedish army is fighting its way down through Germany, with Jack Fiskardo and his company of scouts, or 'discoverers', fighting the guerrilla war ahead of the main advance. There are new allies to be made, new perils to overcome, new enemies to outwit and new adventures to pursue; but there is also a fortune for the taking, a mystery to be solved, and a destiny to fulfil - one that will see Jack brought face-to-face at last with his sworn enemy, Carlo Fantom. And in the wintry forests of Bohemia, that destiny will present Jack with an almost impossible choice - does he pursue his final vengeance, or does he turn aside, to help a child as helpless as he once was himself?


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