Dancing By The Light of The Moon - Gyles Brandreth

Dancing By The Light of The Moon - Gyles Brandreth

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A brand-new collection of Britain's best-loved poetry, handpicked by Gyles Brandreth

Following the recent success of the bestselling Have You Eaten Grandma? Gyles Brandreth is back with his next love-letter to language.

In his last book Gyles lamented the rise of emojis, this misuse of punctuation and the younger generation's lack-lustre approach to language. In this stunning new book, Gyles celebrates the finest uses of English by handpicking the ultimate anthology of Great Britain's best-loved poems.

He urges us to savour the perfect couplets, delicate words, and clever quips by learning these exquisite poems by heart. By savouring, memorising and sharing these poems we can begin to increase literacy rates, which are at an all-time low, while enriching our lives with the joy of language.

Gyles writes emphatically about the beauty, diversity and ingenuity of the language used in these poems, and the way in which they can transform our lives.


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