Vegan Food In Your Vitamix - Emily von Euw

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It's So Much More than a Smoothie Cookbook

Emily von Euw, bestselling author and creator of the award-winning blog This Rawsome Vegan Life, returns with another book full of rawsome recipes―and this time, it’s all about your Vitamix®.

Get ready to go vegan with the most versatile blender on the market as Emily teaches you how to make anything in your Vitamix®, from a classic Tropical Fruit Smoothie with Mango and Pineapple to a hearty Plant-Based Lasagna with Pesto, Mushrooms and Chickpeas.  Craft a comforting bowl of heart-happy goodness with creamy Mac and Cheese with Marinated Tempeh, or try some Earthy Mushroom Soup with Soba Noodles, Green Onion and Edamame for a rainy-day dinner.  And to satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in rich Chocolate Cake with Avocado Frosting―your friends won’t believe you when you tell them you made it in your Vitamix®!

If you’re looking to make the most of your blender with some vibrant, delicious, fruit- and veggie–packed recipes, then grab this cookbook and plug in your Vitamix®―it’s time to mix up your menu in the most wholesome way possible.



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