City of Ice - Brian Klingborg

City of Ice - Brian Klingborg

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In a remote Chinese town - where the theft of a few chickens counts as a major crime - a young woman is found brutally murdered...with her heart, lungs and liver removed. Inspector Lu Fei, a weary cop who fled the city, suddenly finds himself under the intense scrutiny of the ruling party in Beijing.

Determined to find her killer, Lu Fei must navigate a society where politics can be deadly, corruption is rife, and the powerful are untouchable. As evidence connects the case to a string of unsolved murders, Lu must decide what he will risk in search of justice...

'City of Ice is everything a reader could want in a novel.' Jack Du Brul, New York Times bestselling author

'Klingborg truly understands how Chinese bureaucracies work; at the same time he's a wizard at believable characters, compelling situations, and a propulsive plot.' SJ Rozan, Edgar Award winner and best-selling

Readers are gripped by CITY OF ICE:

'A dazzling's the perfect example of a riveting read you simply can't put down. ' ***** Goodreads Reviewer

'This slickly plotted, atmospheric thriller is compulsively readable and a fascinating exploration into a mysterious place and time.' ***** Goodreads Reviewer

'The descriptions, the emotions, the depth of characters are amazing.' ***** Goodreads Reviewer



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