Cat: Portraits of Eighty-Eight Cats & One Very Wise Zebra - Tein Lucasson

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Tein Lucasson is graphic designer, art director, producer, and a lover of creative things. He works around the clock to be able to realize artistic projects in addition to working for his clients. His digitally-edited photography has fans on every continent and hangs in living rooms from Amsterdam through Sydney to New York.

L’animorphe was founded by coincidence. It came to me because of my dog. The love I had for him was the biggest love I have ever known and felt. In my previous existence as a graphic designer, I led a life full of demands and deadlines set by others, and I longed for a platform to experiment with what I wanted to create. My dog’s Facebook page #VentjeMcDoodle was my garden of joy. On those pages, I was the one who decided what the final result would be.

When I created his first portrait, exactly three years before he died, the portrait was spotted by someone in Germany, which started me on an insecure but very creative journey. With all of my heart I tried to catch the essence of the personality of a pet. Which is difficult when owners only provide brief descriptions. This was, of course, not the case with the portraits that are part of my free work. Inspired by my big hero Wes Anderson, I started to create personalities out of my pets. Sometimes they’re nice, and sometimes they’re evil, I combine the portraits with the real people I’ve met or studied in my personal life. –Tein Lucasson

Have you ever wondered what your cat would look like if he or she were human? What clothes would they want to wear?

Self-styled cat whisperer, graphic designer, art director, and producer Tein Lucasson has the answer. From simple animal photos, he creates high-quality digital images that capture our feline friends in different outfits: whether an elegant Siamese cat in a cashmere sweater, a proud Persian in an aristocratic uniform, or the characterful house cat in a top hat.

• The perfect gift for all cat (and zebra) lovers
• Cute, funny, artistic pictures of cats in costume
• With short stories about grief, love, acceptation, hope, anger, vanity, healing and being different – Gentle stories with dark edges
• A household favorite around the world