Burnout To Brilliance - Jess Stuart

Burnout To Brilliance - Jess Stuart

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Learn how to achieve peak performance without burning out in the process.

We live in a constant state of overwhelm and exhaustion whilst simultaneously striving for high performance. It's not sustainable and it's why burnout has become so prevalent. That was before the global pandemic which exacerbates the level of change and uncertainty leaving peak performance even harder to achieve. Busyness is fashionable, we wear it like a badge of honour but it doesn't lead to high performance. Quantity does not always mean quality and being busy does not mean we're productive, in fact the opposite is often true.

Understand the difference between busy and productiveWork smarter not harder and master the habits of high performanceUnderstand the neuroscience behind thinking patterns and how to access a flow stateLearn strategies to cultivate a more focused, clear mind.Be your best without burning out in the processOvercome overwhelm, reenergise and build resilienceImprove productivity and effectiveness

This book isn't about burnout (although we talk about how to avoid it) it's about redefining peak performance and your roadmap for getting there. Master the art of slowing down to speed up, understand the power of the mind and how to use it to stay focused, calm and effective. Go from tired, overwhelmed and burned out to performing at your peak and unlocking your potential.



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