Blue Duck Station - Nicola McCloy

Blue Duck Station - Nicola McCloy

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Journey into the heart of wild New Zealand with Blue Duck Station, a captivating portrait of one of the country’s most environmentally significant stations. Nestled alongside the idyllic Whanganui National Park, where the Whanganui and Retaruke rivers converge, this remarkable station combines traditional farming practices with tourism, conservation and new ways of doing things.

The land’s rich past and the resilient and determined people who shaped it have paved the way for current owner Dan Steele and his family to make their mark. Dan, a passionate advocate for native wildlife, now welcomes people from around the world to experience a place where adventure and environmental initiatives go hand in hand.

Join author Nicola McCloy as she introduces us to the people, the places and the history that make Blue Duck Station such an extraordinary part of New Zealand.



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