Big Ideas For Young Thinkers - Jamia Wilson

Big Ideas For Young Thinkers - Jamia Wilson

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Explore 20 of the biggest questions of our day. This book teaches children to think critically in a world which needs young thinkers.

Why do I think? What is bias? What happens when we disagree? And how do we talk to each other?

Jamia Wilson expertly explores the difficult questions kids may ask by introducing a diverse range of thinkers and luminaries. Each question is introduced in lively prose before a timeline lays out how different thinkers of the world have approached each question.With vibrant art from Andrea Pippins to illustrate each visionary.

Chapters are organised into five sections: Identity, Life, Truth, Culture, and Creativity.
Questions include:
Who are you? Who are we?
Why do I think?
What is gender?
Why do we exist?
What happens when we die?
What is right and wrong?
What is bias? Do I have it?
What is freedom?
What is an imagination
What is memory?

Stylish and accessible, it brings philosophy to the next generation in a warm and inclusive way.






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