Better Late Than Never - Emma Mahony

Better Late Than Never - Emma Mahony

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Emma Mahony explores ADHD as a mental health issue, revealing her own journey with late diagnosis whilst offering readers advice on how to understand and cope with this complex disorder.

Everything - and nothing - changed once Emma Mahony was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 52. In Better Late Than Never she seeks to reduce the stigma around diagnosis as an adult, and provides support for anyone who finds themselves in the same situation or thinks they may suffer from ADHD.

Offering helpful advice alongside Emma's experience, subjects covered include:

- Seeking diagnosis later in life
- Getting a diagnosis
- How ADHD can present and how it varies between men and women
- Medication and self-medication
- Getting help
- Heritability
- Thriving beyond diagnosis

So much can be done to help sufferers of ADHD. This book will help you to survive and to thrive

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