Basket Essentials: Rib Basket Weaving - Lora S. Irish

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Your complete guide to rib basket making!

  • 15 classic folk basket patterns including egg, melon, and Appalachian baskets
  • 3 step-by-step projects perfect for beginners, with detailed coordinating photography and clear instructions
  • Master proper techniques including making ears, eyes, knots, wrapped handles, short rows, and more
  • Author Lora Irish is an accomplished artist, author, and internationally known maker of many trades


Go beyond just following the steps—learn the methods to traditional basket weaving!

The art of basketry has been passed down from generation to generation, and while there are several different kinds of baskets, this book is a comprehensive guide that focuses on one specific style: rib baskets. Rib Baskets are also known as hip baskets, egg baskets, fanny baskets, granny baskets, potato baskets, or Appalachian baskets. Join internationally known maker and talented artist Lora S. Irish as she teaches you about this timeless art form—from essential terms, tools, materials, dyes, and finishes to information on knots, spokes, weaving techniques, common basket shapes, and more.

With Lora as your instructor, you'll learn everything you need to know: the rim hoops that you can use, how to add handle hoops, how to weave your locking ear patterns, how to measure, add, and anchor your spokes, how the length of the spokes defines the final shape of the basket, and more. Insightful chapters on technique are followed by three beginner-friendly projects featuring detailed step-by-step instructions and coordinating photos.

After you've warmed up with the provided projects, you'll find 12 additional weaving patterns for baskets you can make. Ranging from easy to challenging, these last twelve projects take off the training wheels, helping you increase your skills from beginner to intermediate as you independently accomplish each basket.

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