Bad Summer People - Emma Rosenblum

Bad Summer People - Emma Rosenblum

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A whip-smart, propulsive debut about infidelity, backstabbing, and murderous intrigue, set against an exclusive summer haven on Fire Island.  None of them would claim to be a good person, but who among them is capable of murder?

The families on the island have been vacationing here for years; the Weinsteins, the Metzners, the Grobels - and unlucky in love Rachel Woolf.

Outsiders aren't welcome.  That is except for Robert, the handsome new tennis coach, who some people are going out of their way to make very welcome...

But the problem when everyone knows everyone is that secrets can't stay secret forever.

And when a body is found face-down beneath the boardwalk, they realise that maybe one of them is worse than they thought...

Stylish, subversive and darkly comedic, this is a story of what’s lurking under the surface of picture-perfect lives in a place where everyone has something to hide.



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