Autism For Adults - Daniel M. Jones

Autism For Adults - Daniel M. Jones

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The Ultimate Handbook for Success on the Spectrum - written from lived experience.

I feel like everyone else got a handbook with all the answers, and I never got my copy. This is a common thought among autistic people, because society is built with neurotypical people in mind - but that handbook has finally arrived. Even better, it was written by an autism activist who is on the spectrum himself. 

Autistic influencer Daniel M Jones is an expert on living well on the spectrum.  No matter what you're going through as someone with autism, Dan gets it - he's been there.  He's here to explain everything he learned, and then some, in this instruction manual and memoir about life as an autistic person.

Dan's book is packed with actionable advice that readers can immediately start putting into practice.  You'll learn how to navigate common challenges, such as dating on the spectrum, holding down a job or performing well in in your studies.

Best of all, you'll learn to improve your life while also empowering yourself. Dan's honesty, self-awareness and sheer knowledge of autism make for a down-to-earth and relatable read that anyone will enjoy.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, you'll love this hilarious and comprehensive guide to living an excellent life as an autistic adult.



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