Among the Grey Gums - Paula J Beavan

Among the Grey Gums - Paula J Beavan

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A woman must track down a murderer to save her brother from the hangman's noose ... A rollicking and entertaining historical mystery, filled with adventure and romance from the Australian author of Daughter of the Hunter Valley.

1842, Hunter Valley: Lucy Stewart's life turns chaotic when she finds herself caught up in a murder investigation in order to save her brother-in-law, Joe, from the hangman's noose. Constable Sam Donovan believes the accusations levelled at Joe Stewart are suspicious at best and feels compelled to work with Lucy to find the real killer. Getting to know this fiercely independent woman in the process is a bonus.

Their pursuit brings them to the attention of the notorious Smokey Gang, and when Lucy is ambushed on a deserted bush track and threatened, they realise they must be getting close to finding out what is really going on in the Valley.

Life has taught Lucy the hard way not to rely on anyone, but Lucy needs Sam's sleuthing skills. However, she has secrets in her past, the kind that once revealed change everything, and the only way she can find out if she can place her confidence in him, is to trust him. And that's the hard part...

Bushrangers, corruption and cover-ups, it's a perilous journey to the truth...




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