A Winter In New York - Josie Silver

A Winter In New York - Josie Silver

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The delicious new wintery romance from the Sunday Times bestselling author of One Day in December


Will the secrets of their past help them find love in the present?

Where better to start again than New York?

Iris arrives in the city of dreams, intent on restarting her culinary career, and leaving her recent heartache behind.

Wandering the streets at a famous food festival, Iris feels like she's living in a movie. Then she stumbles upon a gelateria that looks strangely familiar.  Inside, she meets Gio: a perfect leading man with an irresistible smile - and a crisis of his own.

As fate would have it, Iris is the one person with the answer to his problem.  She just can't tell him that . . .

So, can Iris finally let go of the past - and let herself fall in love?



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