A Wedding in Provence - Katie Fforde

A Wedding in Provence - Katie Fforde

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Romance, humour, a cast of warm and totally believable characters, and the tantalising possibility of happy-ever-after? It must be the new Katie Fforde novel.

1963, a chateau in Provence.

It's late afternoon when Alexandra arrives, and the chateau before her is old, substantial and its four large towers seem to grow out of the soil. It is, she thinks, reassuring in its permanence and solidity.

Less reassuring are the three silent, rather hostile children waiting for her inside. They are to be her charges for a month: a boy and two girls badly in need of some love, attention, and an English education.

Fresh from London and a recent cookery course, Alexandra has always loved a challenge and feels equipped to deal with most things life throws her.

What she is a good deal less sure about is whether she'll be able to cope with their father - an impossibly good-looking, entirely unsuitable French count with whom she is trying very hard not to fall in love . . .


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