Rogue Linen

“Forget about body image. Forget about fashion trends.Escape the ordinary. 
Fashion isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out and being true to you because you are beautiful.”  Anita - owner of Rogue Linen

Inspired by the philosophy of designing clothing which is unique and empowers women to feel beautiful, owner, Anita has gone ‘ROGUE’ and is paving her own path through the world of fashion.
Needing to look after the planet and to dress fashionably are, for many people, two ever-present issues. However, with the fashion industry being one of the larger contributors to the global environmental crisis as well as leading to major social welfare issues, it is easy to assume that you can’t have both. At Rouge Linen, we believe that the combination of companies like ours and customers who understand and care more and more about what they buy and from where, means no-one has to choose just one.  
Rogue Linen is run from a home-based studio in the Motueka Valley. All the designs you see here are hand drawn and created in our studio. We have regular photo shoots in the garage with a few local women, and although none of us are experienced professionals, we love what we do. Our rogue models are "real" women, and we do not Photoshop our photos, what you see are real-life photos of beautiful women.