Whenever You're Ready - Trish Bolton

Whenever You're Ready - Trish Bolton

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A love letter to the lives of older women, Whenever You're Ready is a moving and perceptive novel about three women searching for a way forward in the wake of a sudden loss.

'Tender, warm-hearted and wise.' Toni Jordan

'Each of the women in this novel feels like she could be a friend.' Sophie Green

An unexpected death finds Lizzie, Alice and Margot at various crossroads in their lives, torn between looking back and moving on.

Lizzie is reeling from her discovery of a decades-old secret that changes everything she thought she knew about her friends, her family and her marriage.  Alice has always been the good-time girl, as charismatic presenting the weather on television as she is working as a life model.  But decades of piecemeal gigs have left her with a rapidly unravelling safety net.  Meanwhile, Lizzie's perfectionist daughter Margot is realising that, despite having built herself a faultlessly curated life, she hasn't put her troubled past behind her as neatly as she thought she had.

Whenever You're Ready is a sweetly wise and gently wistful novel about the secrets and seasons of three intertwined lives.

'Social commentary shot through with wicked humour. I loved it.' Lucy Treloar

'Engaging, moving and full of heart.' Suzanne Leal

'Trish Bolton renders visible the complex lives of older women who are so often invisible in our culture. A page-turner of a novel.' Sian Prior



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