Love & Rome - Jenna Lo Bianco

Love & Rome - Jenna Lo Bianco

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From the author of The Italian Marriage...

Moving from Melbourne to Rome was meant to fix Stella Chiaro's life - and it did, for a while. But destiny has other plans.

With a one-way ticket home, artist Stella is running out of time and money. She is desperate to find stable work in the art world to keep afloat, or she will have to leave her beloved Eternal City behind. The last thing she needs right now is distractions . . .

The arrival of the full moon brings both the sweet owner of the new local bar and a handsome new flatmate. The promise of a new job and new love suddenly beckon Stella, but she quickly finds herself repeating patterns she once vowed not to.

In a journey stretching to enchanting Florence and across the ancient cobblestones of Rome, Stella must free herself from the mess she's in. But is it too late? Will it be arrivederci to 'Rome Sweet Home'?


'Love & Rome is such an enjoyable, timeless read and I found myself transported to Rome where I could almost smell the food on the street. This is a wonderful romantic novel about healing and reinvention and the passionate search for a true soulful love. Coloured beautifully by a world of food and art this is the perfect holiday read, especially if you love all things Italian. If you can't manage a romantic trip to Rome right now then this novel is the next best thing.' PIA MIRANDA




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