The Unplugged Family Activity Book - Rachel Jepson Wolf

The Unplugged Family Activity Book - Rachel Jepson Wolf

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The Unplugged Family Activity Book is your guide to exploring the natural world as a family, with dozens of outdoor and indoor activities, recipes, and crafts!

Get ready for kid-approved ideas that celebrate the great outdoors year round! Whether youre building forts or making fresh cider, theres something for every kid and every season. Each season is full of excitement waiting to be found and Rachel highlights the best of each one with sections for recipes, nature exploration and play, and natural history:

• In spring, make candied violets, spruce tip ice cream, or paper from wildflower seeds. Craft a kite, weave flower crowns, and make a DIY fairy garden!
• When summer comes, whip up herb-infused balms, rosewater, and zuchinni boats. Host a backyard camp-out, build a nature exploration pack, cast shadow drawings, sail a leaf-boat, and master giant bubbles.
• As the days cool for autumn, brew mulled cider, make spiced honey, and discover the deliciousness of homemade apple sauce. Plant bulbs for next year's flowers, create an autumn rainbow, or craft a felted acorn necklace.
• Cozy up in winter with homemade maple candy, an herbal tea blend, and learn how to set out pine cone bird feeders. Build a snow fort or try some winter stargazing followed by making paper stars. (Or for those in warmer climates, make an ice lantern!)

Unique celebrations throughout give the entire family a reason to gather, from winter bonfires and Solstice celebrations to maple tappings and beeswax candle dippings!

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