Goblin Mode Guide To Life Journal : Embrace Your Feral Side and Thrive in Imperfection - Lulu Mayo

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Let go, embrace your imperfections, and reject unrealistic standards with this accessible workbook full of prompts, quizzes, quotes, and tips to inspire your inner goblin.

Messy house, laid-back standards, self-acceptance: congratulations, you're in goblin mode! The 2022 Oxford Dictionary word of the year is more than a trend.  It's a way of life.  By letting go and chilling out, you're on your way to contentment.  In 
Goblin Mode Guide to Life, you'll explore your existing beliefs about how you should live, work, and see yourself through writing prompts and quizzes.  As you work your way through, you'll find that you're starting to catch on: being in goblin mode is all good.  Quit the busy work and the performative behavior and get real.




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