In The Clearing - J P Pomare

In The Clearing - J P Pomare

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New Zealand Author!
"This book certainly kept me glued to the pages.  It twists, it turns, then halfway through you realise you totally missed something and that throws a whole new light onto it.  And then at the end, the very end THE biggest twist that literally had me re-reading the last chapter twice to make sure I really got it and then a third time when I went to be that night.  A GREAT read!"    Emma



Amy has only ever known life in the Clearing. She knows what's expected of her. She knows what to do to please her elders, and how to make sure the community remains happy and calm. That is, until a new young girl joins the group. She isn't fitting in; she doesn't want to stay. What happens next will turn life as Amy knows it on its head.



Freya has gone to great lengths to feel like a 'normal person'. In fact, if you saw her go about her day with her young son, you'd think she was an everyday mum. That is, until a young girl goes missing and someone from her past, someone she hasn't seen for a very long time, arrives in town.



As secrets of the past bubble up to the surface, this small town's dark underbelly will be exposed and lives will be destroyed.



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