Let's Get Lost - Nicola McCloy

Let's Get Lost - Nicola McCloy

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There are few things as sweet as throwing some clothes, your togs, your jandals, a chilly bin, some good sounds and your best mate into the car and shouting, 'ROADIE!' as you gleefully leave your everyday life behind for a few days.Chuck this book in while you're at it.

Traversing the offbeat, awesome and out-and-out fun, Let's Get Lost is a guide to the real New Zealand that few of us get a chance to explore. In its pages, you'll pass through the sausage capital of New Zealand, encounter amazing geothermal springs, take a dip in a secret lake, visit a village entirely populated by guinea pigs, find culture and cuisine in the most unlikely of places, soak up home-grown histories the country over, and share a yarn with many a local good bugger.

Let's Get Lost will inspire you to get out there and encounter the wild and unknown, and take in some of the best this fantastic country has to offer.





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