Gardener's Quiz and Puzzle Book : 100 Brainteasers for Gardeners Who Know Their Onions

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Test your botanical knowledge with over 100 puzzles and quizzes to ensnare and delight, cultivated by leading garden writer and garden expert Simon Arkeroyd and puzzle and quizmaster Dr Gareth Moore.

Show off by solving challenging anagrams of Latin species names and challenge yourself with stimulating activities featuring over 400 separate questions to improve your horticultural and botanical knowledge in creative ways. From matching plants to their geographical locations and the explorers who discovered them, to quizzes on specific themes including botany, vegetables, houseplants, pests and problems, and plant care, you'll find a fun activity for every type of gardener.

You can identify different and unusual plant types and anatomy with the help of useful annotated diagrams, while discovering new facts about some of the most famous gardening figures in history, all in this challenging, stimulating and beautifully designed package. Breathtaking botanical illustrations throughout and a wide range of quizzes and puzzles make the Gardeners Quiz and Puzzle Book a delightful gift for any gardener who thinks they know their onions.


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