Friends Fur-ever: Smarty Pup 1 - Anh Do

Friends Fur-ever: Smarty Pup 1 - Anh Do

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The first ever full-colour adventure from mega-bestselling author Anh Do. Smarty Pup is PAWSOME!

Hi! My name is Lily.
Nothing exciting ever happens to me.
Right now, I have a potato in my schoolbag because it was the most interesting thing I could find for show-and-tell.
But all that's going to change now that we are getting a dog...

Lily's new pup JJ is kind of clumsy, but something about his smiley face makes her really happy inside.
So you can imagine Lily's surprise when she wakes up to discover that JJ can TALK and is SUPER SMART. In fact, he might have the smartest brain in the whole wide world!

A PAWS-itively brilliant new series from much-loved author Anh Do.

Featuring an amazing lenticular animated cover and bonus stickers!


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