Life Done Differently - Lisa Jansen

Life Done Differently - Lisa Jansen

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What do you do when everyone around you is embracing parenthood or focused on their careers, and you're not sure either path is right for you?

Lisa Jansen decided to find out.

At 33, Lisa had everything she ever wanted; A successful career in marketing, amazing friends, and the great outdoors of New Zealand as her playground. She was happy. Until one day, doubts started creeping in, and Lisa found herself at a crossroads.

Unsure about whether she wants to embrace a career-focused life or follow in her friends' footsteps and start a family, she began to wonder what else there is.

Desperate to find answers, Lisa decided radical change was needed. She quit her job, bought a campervan and set out to explore beautiful New Zealand. On her five-year journey, she met incredible people, explored breathtaking scenery, conquered obstacles, challenged society's norms, navigated a global pandemic - and discovered what life has to offer when you don't want to follow the traditional path. I

n Life Done Differently, Lisa shares her epic journey.

Fans of Eat Pray Love and Cheryl Strayed's Wild will love this adventurous, thought-provoking and inspiring memoir.


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