Kiwi Cyclists Guide To Life - Jane King

Kiwi Cyclists Guide To Life - Jane King

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The Kiwi Cyclists Guide to takes an inquisitive peek into the lives, minds, adventures and bike sheds, of many kiwis from different walks of life, who love nothing better than experiencing freedom, fun, adventures and misadventures on two wheels.

Whether road-racing at breakneck speed, soaring over jumps on a mountain bike in the forest, or navigating nature on a picturesque cycle trail at a more leisurely pace - many of us can't get enough of the thrills and spills that riding a bike provides.

These tales are of the fun, enthusiasm and dedication of a variety of different characters - from high-profile elites, mountain biking trailblazers, BMX fanatics, cycling groups and communities, recreational riders - not forgetting the MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra), collectors, restorers and a bunch of under-the-radar bike-nuts you've got to watch out for.




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