Hunting Life: Moments of Truth - Peter Ryan

Hunting Life: Moments of Truth - Peter Ryan

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'A glimpse into the spirit of a true hunter.' Blood Origins

Based in New Zealand's stunning South Island, Peter Ryan's writing and images have appeared in the world's finest outdoor books and journals. His new collection delivers superbly written essays on hunting, the natural world and life in general from an acknowledged master of outdoor literature.

In vivid detail Peter Ryan takes readers on his adventures - from the jagged peaks of New Zealand's Southern Alps to the scorching deserts and steaming jungles of Africa. It's a world of tough professionals, eccentric characters and stunning game species, but also one rich in the pleasures of hunting, gun dogs and family. Hunting Life - Moments of Truth is illustrated by some of the finest outdoor artists and photographers working today.

In turn wildly adventurous and gently sentimental, these essays are, in Ryan's own words, 'a hymn to an old way of life, and a long love letter of sorts.'



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