Call Of The Kokako - Jeff Hudson

Call Of The Kokako - Jeff Hudson

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 Call of the Kokako is a journey of discovery into what makes the kokako tick in order to save the species. This journey and work resulted in the restoration of the largest population of kokako in New Zealand with the help and dedication of many down to earth conservationists.

Jeff Hudson spent 20 years helping to save the kokako from extinction. He was a passionate, multi-talented man who made an enormous impression on all those lucky enough to work and socialize with him. He is fondly remembered as the birdman; indeed, the local iwi have erected a carved statue in his honour at the Otamatuna hut in Te Urewera National Park.

Jeff first came into contact with the kokako as a possum trapper in the Bay of Plenty. His skills in locating the kokako in remote areas got him a position with the Department of Conservation, where he turned from trapper to bird expert. He tells how he gained insights into the kokakos behaviour and ecology, as well as developing an appreciation of the workings of New Zealands forests. His acute observation skills and musical ability led to breakthroughs in understanding kokako nesting behaviour and the importance of their unique song dialects. Jeff directed the biggest survey of kokako ever attempted and was key to engineering the recovery of the species, especially in Te Urewera National Park.

The successful recovery of existing kokako populations by controlling predators lead to transfers of birds to start new populations elsewhere. Jeff became the National Kokako Recovery Group leader and led the first series of large transfers and the first transfer onto Maori owned land on the east coast. The methods that were developed then are now in wide use today.  New Zealanders, in particular, will enjoy the laconic style. This is a story that hasnt been told before and will be an eye-opener to those who read it.





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