Lawrence of Arabia - Ranulph Fiennes

Lawrence of Arabia - Ranulph Fiennes

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An enthralling and illuminating biography of T. E. Lawrence - the inspiration for the iconic film Lawrence of Arabia - from "The World's Greatest Living Explorer" Ranulph Fiennes

Co-opted by the British military, archaeologist and adventurer Thomas Edward Lawrence became involved in the 1916 Arab Revolt, fighting alongside guerilla forces, and made a legendary 300-mile journey through blistering heat. He wore Arab dress, and strongly identified with the people in his adopted lands.

By 1918, he had a £20,000 price on his head.

Despite people's fascination, Lawrence has long remained unknowable, one of history's most enigmatic explorers. But with in-depth knowledge of what it takes to venture into the unknown, this authoritative biography from explorer Ranulph Fiennes at last brings enthralling insight and clarity to this remarkable life.


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